Quarantine diaries: Day 1

Schools are closed. Dorms are closed. Even the libraries closed down yesterday. I evacuated myself to my mum’s study where I live between decorative pillows and craft projects. For one month of doing everything remotely, all I packed is a few tote bags of books, my almost dead laptop, and comfortable hoodies.

I’m sick but I’m always sick. It’s not coronavirus. I don’t have a sore throat or cough. This is not a real quarantine but it surely kind of feels like it. And it’s just the first day.

My creative writing teacher asked us to write a quarantine diary every day for this month of remote studying. So, I’m writing. I’m wondering and pondering. Repeating the same routines every day. Going for walks in the forest with my dog. Writing so much that words blend into an unreadable mess. Watching too much Netflix.

Today was the first official day of the quarantine.

Or well, schools being closed and the government asking us to stay home if possible.

I woke up late but feeling like everything in my life will turn out fine. Funny… I just needed one scary disease to make my brain think positively. My mum was just leaving to work. Entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of social distancing. My little brother was late from his remote class, but it took under a minute from him to get to class. Our dog didn’t appreciate me leaving the bed.

My day started with “Bring the boost” green tea and writing morning pages. Because I don’t have to wake up to school before 9 am there’s also no reason to not write morning pages. I had forgotten how hard it is to write three pages without stopping. But writing them only made me feel better.

Despite the quarantine, I had to see my therapist today. Even she told me I looked bubblier than usually, more alive. She warned me to not do too much. Not trust this feeling. We know how it usually goes for me. I feel good and then start living like everyone else. The downhill starts from there…

The afternoon after leaving my therapist’s office went by writing. I have quite many projects but today was only about writing whatever random came to my mind. Nothing I can show off but will make writing easier tomorrow because now my head is empty of the unnecessary thoughts.

We went for a long walk with my dog. It’s still icy in the forest and I had a small talk about it with the only other person I saw on my walk. Usually, Finns never talk to strangers but apparently, the virus outbreak is a good reason to start doing that. While walking I continued listening to the audiobook of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Sometimes I forgot how much I used to love and still love these classics.

That’s the first day of my quarantine diary. Mom is coming home soon. I have no more schoolwork to do. What will I do for 6 hours before it’s late enough to go to sleep? No idea. Four weeks, it feels like forever to do nothing specific.

Stay healthy everyone!

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